Patience is a Virtue

It’s been awhile, been busy with few things around.

been stressed still with my housemates thinking of what to do, whether to just talk to them about all these things running through my mind about what needs to be done w/ the house or just move out or let them move out instead.

Maybe I’m just a little too sensitive and anxious of what outcome will it be.

Though I’m tired of doing things to make our place a better one to live in but sometimes things got crazy and as if they’re not adults, not realising that they are not the only people who lives in that place, not being considerate and sensitive at all.

I get that that they were not raised the same as I am but with their age now, being in a lot of places and experienced a lot things the hell they didn’t even know how the word “observe” works.

I’m just pissed and exhausted.

I’m dead beat from work then when I get home I’m totally whacked.

what will I do?



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