Sam is a second-generation chaebol. His family owns a large nutritional company. Once, he was a playful guy who thought only of partying. For him, love was a short-term thing. He met a beautiful girl at a Brightland resort. They spent the night together. He fell for her and she left him. He was never the same. 
Sia never had a boyfriend. She was the epitome of innocence. And she came under Sam’s slick spells three years ago at a Brightland resort. Or so he thought. After spending the night together, Cha Jin Wook found himself alone, as Yoo Mi had disappeared. 
Fast forward three years: Sam has changed. He is now a stone-cold businessman, focusing only on the work of his company. The party-loving chaebol died on that Brightland resort all those years ago, and what’s left is a seriously focused CEO. The company cafeteria hires a new nutritionist and it is none other than Sia, the girl whose betrayal ended Sam’s partying ways. When their eyes meet, the two pretend to not recognize each other, but some secrets are hard to keep. 
Can the one-night lovers clear up their misconceptions, and finally learn whether or not what they had was real? Or was this romance so weak that it should best be kept a secret?


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