My girlfriend has been sick for a long time but this last week seems to be the worst. I got home from work and she was laying down with an ice pack on her head the new norm this past week. But tonight was about to get a lot worse.

 I was chatting with Amazon trying to straighten out my account. I had been disconnected 3 times and it seemed like I was finally going to get somewhere when I heard her start to cry. Crying is not something that happens in our house very often so I knew it must be bad. She said “I just want it to be over I want my head to stop pounding. I quickly shut the computer off and ran over to try and console her. There was not much I could do she was in so much pain and she could not take any medication to help with the pain. I was really worried and afraid I had never seen her like this and we have been together coming up this December on 10 years. I asked her if she wanted to go to the hospital and she said “no in a sobbing faint voice, I just want the pain to stop it has been hurting for days and its only getting worse. There is a throbbing pressure right behind my eyes and it hurts to move them”. I helped her up to bed Still not knowing what I could do. She got up and went into the bathroom. I walked to the front room and  I Fell to my knees and started praying, first in a pleading please help me way and then I don’t know were this came from I started getting almost angry I said “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I COMMAND YOU LEAVE THIS HOUSE NOW ”  I said something to that effect and it was a lot longer than that not exactly what I said or were it came from. But after I had this feeling of confidence come over me like never before. I got off my knees all worry had vanished and I went and laid back in bed she came out of the bathroom laid down next to me and she fell asleep holding my hand without another word. I don’t know what happened or why I am sharing this she doesn’t even know what I did it. In fact, I feel dirty writing about her without her permission. But if this in some way helpful to even one person I know she would not mind.

PS I know the story sounds crazy but that’s pretty much how it went down last night. Makes me wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar. 

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