[119] ~*Thu – 11/16/17*~


First I just have to say.. OMG MY HAIR!! I really don’t know what to do as I keep thinking of that spot that is already faded. ARG! I did text my friend to ask her when she had time to fix it. She will more than likely charge me but it’s gonna drive me bunkers so I better get it fix. I always want to tip her and I never do cause I’m greedy so even if she doesn’t charge me I still will give her something for it.

Anyways, I had forgotten to say that on Mon night hub cleaned both suggies kitchens which I was very impress. He’s doing good with it. He always does good with it until he stops for a night and then it takes for ever to start again.

So Tue after cleaning the suggies cage I went to get the car paid off which was $550. Bleh! I sure hope that it passes its safety next month cause I don’t want to have paid those new tires for nothing. I went and got my friend and went to the Casino to try and get some money but only got the $10. I played that and didn’t win anything. When we were going out my friend told me that the machine I always wanted to try had one available. Bleh! I had already played the money so I decided to try my own money. I played $20 and took it back out after a lil while cause I didn’t really wanted to lose my money, more like wanted to try the game which was super fun. After that we went to Costco and then I came back home and didn’t really do much. 

Yesterday I went back to the Casino with hub to eat and then try mom’s thing again but only got $10. I again played in that cool machine I had played the night before but didn’t make anything.

Today I had some time between clients and wanted to go eat so I went to Freddie’s which Jack’s beside it. Arg! I couldn’t resist, I had to go play.. I played $20 and OMG, I took out $500. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy! My tires are paid. Woohoo! Mom had said I was going to be lucky last night which I wasn’t but I sure was today. I played another $20 but lost that one. I just don’t like this cause I’m getting pretty addicted.

Well, time for a nice bath cause I need to relax right now.




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