So I’ve been thinking about to write at some place. I don’t write on paper, nor do I read so after watching some sites I decided to go on with this, I could have created something more personal and or something like that.

But naah this would be just me and my thought, no thing of shitty stuff, no care for what I write or who will read, I was having lots of thought before writing this, not about should I write or not but more about what to write, I can write a lot right now, but I am kind of tired been on a TV series marathon and been wake up since last 20-22 hours. (Including nights).


This was the shit I wrote for the thing for my penpal 😛

“A guy who usually knows about coding, have great friends, but usually shy around girls, I mean sucks at talking with them, I know what people know about me but I know more about things that people don’t know about me.”


28+ hours & I am still up, just ended up watching the series “13 Reasons Why” , and yeah you know, be good at making decisions and work on your strength, physical,mental and emotional (all three).

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