A Dolls Game

This story is a flash fiction. It probably wont be the best because I entered this into a contest and we were only allowed to use 350 words so here it is 

Hannah loved her doll Lizzy. Lizzy was one of those really life like dolls with pale white skin and black hair. She wore a white dress that was torn up but Hannah never wanted to replace it. Wherever Hannah went Lizzy went. Whenever Hannah went over to her friends house her friends always felt that Lizzy was watching them.

One day Hannah was going to stay at her friend Alex’s house and of course she brought Lizzy with her. Alex ordered pizza and they started watching a movie. As usual Lizzy was with them. After there movie Alex said “Hey let’s go look for a fun game to play.”

So Hannah, Alex, and Lizzy all went down to the basement to look at what old games they could play. “How about this one?” said Hannah swiping off dust from a box. “That ones fine.” said Alex. They brought the box upstairs and read its name. The Ouija board the game where you contact spirits. On the back read a warning. Play only if you dare. Never take your fingers off the planchet. They read the warning and started to play.

They started asking a few simple questions. Slowly the planchet would move to the letters on the board. They were having so much fun until Hannah realized that she had left Lizzy downstairs. Alone. She wanted to go get her right away but Alex stopped her.”You can’t go, you can’t take your fingers off the planchet!” And so they continued to play.

Every now and then they could hear something coming from the basement but they just ignored it. Then they heard it. A soft childish singing was coming from behind the basement door. They both stared at the door with terror. The door slowly began to open. There stood the pale doll with black hair and white ripped up dress.

Alex’s parents found them dead with the doll sitting between them. Her bright white dress stained blood red.


Hope you enjoyed. Comment if you want me to post more of the stories I write for school. I have a few good ones.

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