Day 626, 627 & 628 – Fun and jokes

Thought I was four days late, but luckily only three. I planned on writing the entries yesterday, but forgot.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Don’t remember much from this day, but don’t think anything interesting happened? I don’t know. I need to stop skipping days.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I started off with English. We continued watching Othello and I also finished another Blender project in my technology class.

At lunch I sat with my close friends + couple of acquaintances, and eventually it was just me and one close friend. We talked about our cats quite a bit.

In French we talked about our French exam, reviewed some grammar and did a funny and difficult to figure out dictation. Wait, was that this day? Think so.

In math we had our test. I think it went pretty well. I tried the bonus question and couldn’t do it. Kohai said she did trial and error instead of algebra, which was clever of her. I tried doing it with algebra, since the rest of the test was and I was focused on that, but it was too hard doing it that way.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Today was fun!

I went to see a play with some other French classes. The bus was decorated with Pokemon and had one for each seat. We sat down at Jigglypuff, but I saw Pichu and we quickly moved. 

There was people at the back throwing trash out of a window, because there was a trash can. The bus driver told them to stop and once we arrived at the play, said something along the lines of, “Be sure to clean up your trash, cause karma’s a b*tch.” Everyone “oohed” and then he said, “Don’t do it again. If you work at a cinema for example, remember what you did, cause you’ll hate it when other people do it.” Everyone “oohed” again. Both times the driver was serious, but still had a joking tone to his voice. Wanted to get his message across, but in a slightly funny way by using the karma thing.

The play was really good! There was this one character that was just a cinnamon roll and quickly became my favourite character. The acting was amazing too, for every actor.

Back on the bus, Kohai and I talked about Pokemon and tried naming out every one we saw. We also kept spotting hidden Pokemon keychains around the bus. The bus driver explained the Pokemon and how it’s for the kids. He also asked if any of us wanted to play any kid games like the wheels on the bus and everyone said yes, haha. Then he asked if they wanted to go to McDonalds to get a Happy Meal. Someone asked if he was paying, and he said “Of course!” Haha. He was pretty sarcastic and witty, which I liked. I think he also enjoyed using a few cuss words and sarcasm around teens, because he’s used to only driving kids and doesn’t get to make those jokes around them.

At school I went for an early lunch. I read a few chapters for my French book before heading to math. We did a few notes and the teacher I had for gym in 9th grade came in. We clapped, because as mentioned in many entries ago, that’s what we do to get 10 minutes of free time at the end of the class. She bowed, but we redid it again where she ran out and back in, exagerated her entrance and bowed even more. She asked if we ever do it for our teacher and we said no. He answered however, that he always greets every single student and that it’s important for him to do that, which was sweet.

For the rest of the class, Kohai and I worked together and talked. We headed to French where we talked more about our exam, talked about the play and then started chosing what we were gonna write in our critique.

At home I relaxed. I started preparing Kohai’s Christmas gift and I had to make a lot of backups to do that. I also went on Club Penguin Rewritten a bit before drawing a tiny bit and then watching Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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