Just a Country Girl

My daddy raised me to appreciate all genres of music from Motown to Country and everything in-between but as I sit here listening to Rascal Flatts flashbacks of the good old days have me thinking I am just a country girl at heart. Although I was born in a big city my heart remains in the country where I spent my summers as a young girl. Walking barefoot, feeling each blade of grass between my toes. Carefree, smelling that fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun kiss my face.  Oh how I miss those good old days when daddy would take me out on the lake at 5 am so we could be the first ones out on the lake catching fish. Spending all day swimming in the lake and tanning on the dock. Singing all night by the bonfire. Laughter, family, church and friends was all we needed. The good old days when life was simpler. Although you are no longer here with us I just want to thank you for all of those special moments that grew me into this simple country girl. Thank you daddy. You will never know how much I miss you.


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