the sweetest dream

It’s been a long time I haven’t written here anything. But I’m back finally..

I really have so many stories to tell but let’s start with today’s dream.. 

Yesterday I had an exam in Criminal Law and I did it too badly even if i revised all the material still couldnt resolve the case well.. so.. dont know what to say.. I was exhausted and disappointed and slept for a long time. I saw sweet dreams , I didnt wanna wake up ever.. 

First was the future of this term.. I had three 100 point in different subjects and other three ponts were good too. 97, 98 and 99. I was sure i would get the university scholarship..

Besides this I came across the information that i became the finalist of the Erasmus+ project and i was allowed to study in Finland for 6 months. I couldnt believe that this would ever be me.. 

Dont know but right now things arent going well.. I’m not satisfied with any of my exams and I’m nervous about the results, I fear my GPA will reduce 🙁 

I cant stand inagining it 🙁 

but for the next 2 exams i will prepare well . but we know it’s up to destiny ..

Dont wanna lose hope…

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