Wednesday November 15th

I finally got my first paycheck here. I am in a lot of debt because I had to live on credit cards for so long, but at least now I can stop doing that. Next week when I have those extra days off for Thanksgiving, I need to get my stuff on eBay. I need to invest a few hours on it. If I sell my Chanel purse, that’s 2k I could pay off the debt I have. Clearly I have no need for a Chanel purse with my current life. I don’t have need for anything clothes wise but Old Navy khaki pants and $7 t-shirts from Target. Wear them out, and buy new ones next school year. Everyone there dresses terrible, so I still look better than most. I am going to make no plans to leave there. The kids are a lot some days, but there’s a lot I like about it- I love the no PLC. That was a fucking waste of time. The weekly dept meetings, though, seem stupid- what the fuck is there to discuss weekly??? Nothing. It’s a waste of my time. I already have to go to two sets of team meetings. I think I might as well forget any chance that I will ever be able to be all 6th grade, though. My counterpart is also elementary, so she has a greater claim on 6th because of that. I don’t like teaching 2 grades, but I had to the first 2 years I taught ever. I just hate the 7th grade curriculum. I would hate it worse if I had to do all 7th grade. I don’t like it at all. It’s almost completely physical science. The only way I could likely get to be all 6th is if our numbers went up, which is not bloody likely.

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