[120] ~*Fri – 11/17/17*~

[10:26 pm]

Nothing much happened today. My first client cancelled so I stayed in bed until almost noon. I was good and made myself something to eat to bring with me instead of going out to eat. When I got to my second client, he wasn’t there so I went to my friend’s place to eat and grab my pot that she had. I also finally got back all my nail polish that she had borrowed. I wanted to paint my nail tonight but then got lazy and didn’t do it. This morning was nice cause surprisingly I didn’t have to straighten my hair. Talking about my hair, can’t wait for Tue to get it fix. I still really hate how I let myself be annoyed by such small things.

Anyways, like I’ve said, nothing really happened today. I’m already cancelled with my first client of tomorrow so I can sleep in so that’s nice. I want to try and catch up on shows tonight. I should also do the bit of dishes and put away the clothes I didn’t put away last night. It’s kind of funny but not funny how I was talking about hub being good last night and cleaning the suggies kitchen. I got home tonight and of course it wasn’t cleaned. Pfft! Well he said he would do it tonight when he gets home from work but I will more than likely just do it.

I guess it’s time for that bath of mine if I want to be out before 11:15 so I can call my mom.




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