30 Days Left any suggestions

30 Day until my 10-year Aniversary with my amazing girlfriend. I met her right before her 16th birthday she will be 26 soon. The time has flown by so quick. At this point, I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. She makes me a better person. From big life decisions to little details I am all around a much better person than when we first met. I have grown quite a lot. I still need to change a few things I am not perfect but she makes me better. I remember when I first moved in with her and she was shocked that I let the dishes build up in the sink. Only for a day or two, I can’t believe I used to do that now. I feel dirty if I am not cleaning them as I cook if not as soon as we are done eating. I know that’s a small change but it was not a  small task getting me to change, In fact, every change I have made was fought tooth and nail. I am surprised she stayed around so long but every time I did make a change a new habit I was so happy I did each time I became a little more efficient a little more productive. I don’t know why it took me so long to put my keys and wallet in the same spot so I would not lose them.Without her, I would not have broken free from addiction and started down this path of personal development. She always told me you can do it you are smart enough you have to try you can do anything you put your mind to you are the strongest willed person I know. That can be a quality or a hindrance depending on what I aim it at. 

So now our ten-year anniversary is coming up and I need to do something romantic. Not my strong point I guess I will figure it out. If anyone reads this and has some good ideas feel free the share.    


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  1. Take her to a beautiful scenery have her cover her eyes facing backwards. While she is covering her eyes you go behind her on one knee with the ring case open. Tell her to turn around and open her eyes. Tell her how much she means to you. Ask her if she’ll marry you. Have a friend video it and share it at the wedding!

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