November 2017 issue

As of this time, America is at “word war” against North Korea and both exchange turn into an ugly misused of words like ” an Old Lunatic” for Trump and “Short Fat Guy” for Kim jung un. As long as, both will just maintain their animosity on that level, our world is still a safe place. Three US armada is already there in the Pacific region, all armed with nuclear capability, if War will ignite, North Korea will be pulverized. If North Korea also pushed their nuclear suicidal button, it will be those who are their neighbors will suffer. The Philippines is no longer a safe place because it is within their range.
Although the Philippines spent a very large amount of money on the APEC summit, it would be proud to say, that the hosting succeeded in the end. Duterte with his Common law wife had picture taking with all the leaders, a good memory soon after retirement anyway. Trump was serenaded by Duterte with his Ikaw rendition. And it was criticized by an American Bette Midler an American actress and singer as a serenading murderer President of the Philippines. The immorality issue makes the song a lawgaw or howshiao, a very unfortunate diplomacy. Prime Minister Trudeau, was also rebuked by Duterte’s ire because the former elevated the issue of Human Right to a level higher in the country. Trudeau is a Christian believer, and immorality like killing is one of the nauseating issues, Duterte can not imbibe it. Although I am not a fan of this Prime Minister, he did the right tune, but I dislike Trump by his connivance with the wrong tune of Duterte, yes, I am a fan of him. But not so active anymore with his current situation in the USA. The truth is, we will just do more prayers, hoping that changes all over the world would not invite the wrath of God. If God could no longer tolerate, he can summon another Noah, and start a catastrophe, to annihilate the bad one in this Earth. With the aide of God’s awesome power, the Israelites was able to cross the River Jordan with no hustles and the pursuing Egyptian were killed when it was swallowed by the rushing unforgiving water. God will never forget all our wrongdoings, and he can punish us anytime in our unguarded moment. In Deuteronomy 13, we can read that people will soon forget, that the True God Yahweh is him, that freed the Israelites from the claw of Pharoah’s power. But on their way to the land of promise with milk and honey, some people backslid and made idols from their save gold and pieces of jewelry, and there soon, again the ire of God returns. People are only good when in Church but in the outside world they are liars and cheaters. They never care about their souls, and the materials and pride which the world offered are the ones they favored so much. There are more people in the concert hall than in the Evangelical offering. In the bar they find joy and gay, playing with horny girls, drinking to drunkenness, and drugs to the point of psychiatric abused. In the government, corruption, and abuse of authority, thievery on government money, and plunders are almost the usual behavior. We have righteous people, but they play safe by being silent. Even if the killing is already in the neighborhood, they play silent to protect themselves from the ire of the assailant. Even, in Holywood now, starlets of yesterday are divulging their records of being seduced by their producers, actors or promoters. They are now filing cases of crimes committed 40 years ago. Although some of them are also blameable, it is a good deed as a sort of lessons for the incoming stars, that there are lots of predators in the industry. Better late than never. I remember, one interview of one best actor in Hollywood, he said, that 95% of his leading ladies have experience being buried in his bed every time there is shooting. And they are very proud of their anomaly. Had those stars and starlet reported to the Police earlier, maybe, those monsters will not grow so many.Same as a politician also, like the one from Zamboanga, a member of the Jaloslos family, of whom he was imprisoned for raping a minor aging 13 to 14 years old. He was paroled by Arroyo, being a political alliance in her time. Well, we will just pray hard. That is the only solution.
I wish someone knows Floyd de la Calzada. Happy Birthday to him and his wife Pam, and also his eldest Hugo. They originated from Minglanilla, Cebu, they reside in Rainer St, North york, and We were invited by him, after the basketball last Saturday, November 11. We had talked with lots of his invited guests, who are mostly Bisaya, from Mindanao and the Visayan region. They cooked their own food and also lechon. Yes, all are very delicious. Kids were all happy, as they played around with some of their games. You know, Cebuanos are fond of singing, and while they are rolling the lechon, some also are serenading. In short, it was full of joy, and everyone felt as if they are at home.
The Fil-Can people also expressed our deepest condolence to the early Demise of Sen. Enverga. He was the only Filipino we had in the seat of the Canadian Government. My only memory of him is his controversy with the Balita people. Hope his death would be the end of animosity, and start a new shining light for all Pinoy in this country. Let all the plowshare buried unto to the sands of oblivion. Let bygones be bygones.

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