Humans are little ants and the ant hill is earth that’s the way I see it. If you truly think about it we are insignificant as an individual and we each have our own set of problems and things we may not want to do, but things we have to. This is what I’m referring to as prison we are free to make our own choices and we are free to deal with the consequences of our actions. We all have a window we can see out of looking at others and judging them but very few of us have the ability to look inward at ourselves. We work to pay the bills and buy clothing and food and if we don’t work we don’t eat. We can try to unmask ourselves and find out what is deep within us but it’s never easy we need to look and see what’s inside of other people to truly fund what’s inside of ourselves we all have demons and skeletons thing we are not proud of or ashamed of and this confines us to ourselves and away from other 

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