Today’s day

Let’s start out with the morning. I feel terrible but who doesn’t feel terrible when they have to wake up around 6:40 almost every week day to go to school. Anyway I grab my breakfast burrito and get into the car with my dad and sister. We arrive at school. The first bell just rang so we got there at the perfect time. it was early enough for me to get to my locker and get to my classroom without any distractions. First period, Language arts. I find it funny how I hate this class. The thing is I love writing but I hate hate HATE grammar. I know I’m weird. anyway all we did was read the whole class. Next I had band. Aidan is in that class and he is always a very happy person so I kinda woke up after band. Then I went back to Language arts. Then social studies. That class is fun. Next is Choir. Not my favorite class in the world but its ok. Then science. I love science. Then math lunch and math again. we ended class early and we had a race. I got 5th out of all of the 8th grade girls. sorry if this was a bit boring. I couldn’t really think of anything. Still comment if I should post some of my stories I wrote In school.  

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  1. Hey, I think that you should definitely share some other stories..

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