The answer is not always the solution.

What do you do when nothing seems to go right. When the person you love more than anything is sick and the doctors say that’s your new life now. When you are trying to create a better life for the both of you because she can not work. When you know nothing about business and nothing about making money online. But that’s the only way you see out. When if you don’t do it you will be pumping septic tanks for the rest of your life. In the past, the answer was easy just Drink at night get fucked up wake up and do it again. But that’s no answer. Well, I guess it is an answer, but it sure the hell is no solution.  

What do I do now what have I been doing for the past 7 months helping every chance I get bringing breakfast in bed thought sometimes it’s not the best. Every day that passes I can honestly say I am a little bit better than the day before. I read books about business I no longer watch TV I canceled my next flix and Hulu. deleted unnecessary podcats and am doing something that seems impossible I am becoming someone else I am becoming the man I always pictured when I was growing up It’s a long road ahead and it won’t be easy but I am not doing this only for my self I am doing it for her and because of that I know deep down I cant fail. The only way to fail is to give up and not try again. …. I won’t fail and neither will you if you only take action! every day that goes by is lost forever and it will never return no matter how much money someone has. So live the life you want not the life everyone else is. 

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