I’ve lost myself

What happened to my thoughts, what happened to my mind

my entire self has disappeared and vanished, left an empty shell behind.

My thoughts, the good, and the bad were all I ever had,

and now that I have none I’m left feeling more than just sad.

Whatever this is has come along and stolen what’s inside of me,

from my thoughts to my emotions to what makes me who I am, it’s stolen all of me you see.

I can’t think straight or get lost inside my own mind,

I can longer find words to put to paper and my thoughts are now just blind.

Writing was my only way out, my only way for me to escape,

this thing has taken that ability from me and it feels to me like rape.

I am an emotionless fraud who can no longer seem to cry,

the harder I try or the more I want, it seems my eyes just become more dry.

I don’t like who I am and I don’t like how I feel,

this isn’t me and I know this isn’t real.

But how do you snap out of something you have no control over,

I spend my days walking around like my brain has a permanent hangover.

I have lost myself and I am frightened that you will lose me too

not because I’m going somewhere, but because I have been misplaced, lost through and through.


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