Nov. 18, 2017 – Step by Step

Step by Step

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

“We pocket our pride and go to it, illuminating every twist of character, every dark cranny of the past. Once we have taken this step, withholding nothing, we are delighted. We can look the world in the eye. We can be alone at perfect peace and ease. Our fears fall from us. …We may have had certain spiritual beliefs, but now we begin to have a spiritual experience.” – Alcoholics Anonymous, 3rd Edition, 1976, Ch 6 (“Into Action”), p 75.

Today, if I approach the Fourth Step with reluctance and fear because I see it as a laundry list of all my wrongs, let me understand that it also has a selfish and cathartic benefit. If I have hidden my wrongs, fears and dread in a dark and locked closet and I can muster the courage and honesty to unlock the door and confront them, I have given voice and identity to those defects. In doing that, I can see what remedy needs to be done. With faith and determination in doing what has to be done, I might even have enthusiasm to do whatever it takes. With that, I can give myself permission not to fear the wrongs of my life any longer, and that fear might be rendered powerless. And in overcoming my fear to face myself, then and now, I might understand for the first time what spiritual experience means. Today, I can begin the job of beginning. And our common journey continues. Step by step. – Chris M., 2017

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