Relaxing and staying cosy

Having a relaxed Saturday 👌I made a stupid mistake at work during the week and felt my anxiety spike because of it, even though rationally I know it’s fine and iv even written a reflective piece about what happened ( not being asked too) but I was waking up in the night worrying I’d be sacked or suspended etc etc. Anxiety is a real horrible thing!

 So on nicer news… I won £1000!!! On a scratch card that my husband put in my bday card last week. Couldn’t believe my luck, thought it was fake at first! So today, we took mya swimming, then for coffee and cake and then to the fish place to buy a new tank for our turtle sharky, we always said when we had extra money that’s what we would do so hubby is currently setting it all up downstairs . The plan is to get a goldfish for the old tank and mya can have that in her room. We also went to a bookshop and got some new books (50p each.. shop sadly shutting down)

so all in all, a lovely Saturday so far. 

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