A new start.

          I am back. No one knows me but somewhere out there a Genie does. I am just typing all what I can still remember cause who knows til when will I remain sharp in remembering things. I had so many adventures during the past months and most of it won’t be enough for tonight’s story so I will just reserve it for the coming days, week, months or even years

         Today I woke up with a very heavy body due to yesterday’s task to watch over the campers. Cause of this I was not able to attend the morning worship service.

         I was out with mom and R. in the market to check on some wedding dress to be worn by the groom’s mom ( no other than but mom). R. had his body measurements for the men’s attire as well. 

        It was my first time to cut R’s beard at night which I usually do during daytime and it went better than what I usually do. 

         I have no much stories to share actually. But I hope through this the Genie would still be glad that Ant is still alive. I am looking forward to reading the Genie’s journal too…soon.

        NYTIE NIGHT!

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