Apartment hunting. What should I do?

Got up around 10 AM then started my day with doing laundry and also walked around all over the neighborhood to find a new apartment. So bottom line. I got two options

Pay around $2000 for myself or
Pay around $2600 for 2/2 and get a roommate

I’m still not sure what I want. I just have a 2/2 apartment I like but haven’t made decision yet. Staying myself is nice but cost more money. I can save more money by having a roommate but it’s a lot of work and more responsibility for me. Can’t really decide it now. I think I will take couple more days to see if I can get other better options.

Basically spent all day looking around apartment to rent. I originally planed to go to Santa Monica but didn’t happen. Probably doesn’t make sense to go there at the moment. However, I checked a lot of places around where I live now. Back to home around 5 PM got couple beers and writing journals for the week. 7:03 PM now and I’m done with the journals. Feel pretty tired now. Probably go to sleep early for tmw.

Still not sure what to do with the apartment.
What would you do??

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