[123] ~*Mon – 11/20/17*~

[9:19 pm]

I’m so tired, I could go sleep right now. I hate how I’m always exhausted by the end of my week so when I get to my day off where I can stay up later, I almost always end up going to bed even earlier than when I work.

I took some pics of myself to show a friend my hair color and blah. I decided to send the pics to myself to keep them so I was going through some old pics and OMG, I feel that I’ve aged so much in the last 4 yrs, it’s crazy. It made me super sad to see myself. I don’t realize on a daily basis that I’ve aged but looking at the pics made me see it big time. I was still so darn cute 4 yrs ago. Now I look ugly. This is why I don’t take pics of myself anymore, it’s too depressing. I’ve had this color in my hair for like six months now and this is the first time I’ve taken pics of it and maybe I shouldn’t of done that cause it just made me so damn sad to look back.

Anyways, my day was a bit long as I don’t know what to do with one of my client’s anymore. I have four hours with her and it’s a bit too much cause there isn’t much to do that is free. I always ask her what she wants to do and of course her answer is always “I don’t know” so that doesn’t help me at all. In the summer it isn’t so bad cause we can always go to the park but this time of year, it’s hard. After work I went to the  Casino with my friend and of course I didn’t win anything. I even played $25 of my own money (I’m so bad) and lost it all. I hope I can win tomorrow or Wed to at least make my money back. After the Casino we went to eat at Burger King and stayed there a bit to talk. Now I’m home and I feel too lazy to be doing anything so I guess I will just sit here and watch some shows and prob end up going to bed early-ish.




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