The Power of Writing a Letter

Writing someone a letter is completely old school, but it doesn’t have to be to a significant other it can be to a family member or to a friend, the choice is up to you. Before the power of technology came to life writing letters was the way to stay in touch with someone. Writing someone a love note was the greatest thing you could do and it was the normal thing. It was always a way to keep in touch with those who are not in the same state as you. However, the power of a letter goes a long way depending on who you write to as well as to why you’re ll as to why you’re writing them. As I said before, it could be a letter to anyone, but mostly it was normally for just the significant others (husbands normally wrote a love letter to their wives to show how much they care). As time went on the use of writing letters was gaining popularity. It wasn’t just for the husbands sending them to their wife. Writing a letter started to become much more than just a love letter, people began writing to penpals, the military, family, friends and more. They began to see the power it had and the differences it mad to some people. For those in the military, some might not have someone back home to write, so there was a program that started where it was like a pen pal. People could write to them to keep them up to date in a way, from what they could and might be missing.

Penpals were always fun… I personally got to have a few pen pals in my life. Funny story; while I was living in Connecticut I was in my second half of 4th grade (I believe). As I was there my class was doing penpals with another elementary school in Connecticut. Come to find out that we were going to meet our pen pals at their school. Weirdly enough we get to the school and one of the kids in the class seemed a little familiar to me, but I couldn’t figure out why… Then come to find out I do know him, his name was/is Zack and I knew him from living in Coventry (the first time around), talk about a small world.

Many people wrote to their family members if they lived out of state, which helps them to keep in touch. I would know, I have family who live in Tennessee and we would write letters to keep in touch, at least we used to, we don’t really talk to them anymore. I also got letters from my older sister when she left home, she didn’t really write that much she only wrote one letter and that was it.

When it comes to writing letters to friends is always a good thing, at least I think so. The wonderful thing about writing to friends is that it can be to your friends who have moved (or you moved) or it could be to a friend you see everyday. And the beauty is, it doesn’t have to be a long 3 page letter, it can be a quick letter/note. It always depends on what you want to write about as well as what and how much you want/have to say. I used to write letters to my friends all the time, one of them would write me letters every day. We would write each other 3 or so pages worth of writing just talking about our day or week depending on when the next time we were going to be seeing each other. We would talk about our dating life, we would ask for advice about whatever, and we would just talk about the up coming events coming up in our hangouts or with the school. My other friend and I would write letters just not as much as the other friend. Her and I had a notebook that we would write in and would pass to each other everyday. We would write about our day and our hang outs as well as memories that we had from the past. I honestly miss writing to them, well I guess I just miss writing letters in general.

Writing letters can be cute when it comes to couples. Every girls dream is to get a love letter/note from their boyfriend. When it comes to long distance couples it can help them with keeping in touch as well a staying communicated with each other. They can tell each other about their week (depending on mail wise). When it comes to relationships/couples in the military, writing helps a lot. It helps them stay involved in away by getting the letters and pictures about the other. Especially if there are kids involved, they’ll be able to see them grow, even though they’d rather be with them at home. I used to write letters to my ex-boyfriend only because he was kind of jealous about me writing to my friends. Now I have a new boyfriend and he will be leaving for the Navy soon and we already said that we are keeping in touch anyway possible and that includes writing.

I guess when it comes to writing I am all in, I love to write so any chance I get I am writing. I keep a personal journal that I keep and that I write in it everyday, or at least any chance I get. I also write little stories that I never finish but I do want to I just either forget about them or I just have a hard time with coming up with a full storyline. I think and I believe that writing letters or even small notes need to come back, technology has ruined that for us in some way. I guess I’m just old school.

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