[124.1] ~*Tue – 11/21/17*~

[10:24 pm]

Finally got my hair fixed. Woohoo! My teal is not the same color as it was cause she had done the color herself and it was more like green-ish, she re-did all my teal cause it’s hard to re-do the exact same color and she wanted all of it to match. It’s more like a real teal this time than green-ish which I liked the green-ish better but at least now it matches and I don’t have a faded spot so I’m still happy. She also re-did my roots as the purple wasn’t as bright, it didn’t take all the way but it’s a bit better than it was before. I didn’t really mind about that though, it was more the faded spot in the back that was a huge annoyance to me but now it’s all fix and I’m super happy. She didn’t want any money but I still gave her $20 cause I think she deserves it. She always does an awesome job with my hair and I really appreciate all the time she fixes it when I’m not happy. I think I got to be the worse. I’ve been there when she did other people hair and they always just look real quick and say it’s all good. Me, I need to be looking at it for like 10 mins before I say it’s alright. I also used to go back the second day for her to re-cut my hair as it was never good enough for me. I’m doing way better with that now as I haven’t gone back in a long time. I also got my hair washed so I don’t have to do it and it saved me a pair of gloves. Haha!

After doing my hair we both went to the Casino and we both got $5. She could of gotten $500 and wanted to cry. She had first picked a token but it didn’t really click so she picked another one and got $5 but the one she had first picked had $500. What a huge bummer. That said, we didn’t win anything. I then took her out to go eat some wings. She will be coming back to the  Casino with me tomorrow night, hopefully our luck will be better.

Once home I called mom, talked a bit with her and then I did the dishes, the laundry, washed my bras, vacuumed the carpet and the stairs and cleaned the suggies tray. That’s a lot in about an hour. I’m pooped now! It’s late but I’ll be watching a show or two before bed but I need to try to go to bed not too too late as I work from 8 am to 8 pm tomorrow.

I should get to watching my shows if I want to be able to do it before bed.




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