First Entry is Kinda Random.

Sooo, I just got off school today for a long Thanksgiving break from Wednesday to Monday. The bad thing is, my best friend (the poor child) broke his chromebook charger so now his chromebook’s dead. I told him to get a charger from the media center like 1234567890 times and each time he said he would before his bus got there. 

But he didn’t.

And you know how I know? He didn’t e-mail me or anything after school (I dun have a phone I’m a loser, I know) so I know he didn’t.

Dang it, do you know how needy and lonely I am? This is gonna be a looooong break without him to talk to…

2 thoughts on “First Entry is Kinda Random.”

  1. Thank you for offering to talk to me. 🙂 However, I’m kinda wary of talking to people I don’t know, and the only e-mail I have is my school one and I’m not allowed to give that out. I did start reading your entries though. 🙂

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