hey let’s take a moment to talk about friends I have had lots of friends all last actual best friend was a girl we met in high school she was a middle schooler though I was 2 grades above her anyways I was friends with her step sister I didn’t even know it until her step sister moved away lets call my so called best friend Katy just because.. well anyways we just met through another girl I known there Katy and I were hitting it off pretty decently  she had buddies and from the start i knew she was in the wrong group of people she was like a bunny a baby bunny surrounded by pack of bunny eating wolves but that changed as soon as she introduced me to them they immediately felt threatened they tried everything to get rid of me but I was stubborn god help me know why I was so determined to be friends with this lil bunny and help her out..maybe my heart was too soft back then I am a sucker for people who can’t help themselves ..who were just like her..but anyways I fought with her friends mainly for my enjoyment, they had nothing on me they backed off after awhile than came mine and her deep connections we were inseparable after about a month or so everyone knew she was my best friend and they left her alone I have not really proven that I was capable of bringing hell I guess i have that vibe or look I am not sure aha but they left us alone. she told me her secrets and problems like any other best friend ..she was confused ..I wouldnt say gay or lesbian or label her she wasn’t really sure on anything , that is another one of her problems she could not say no she was just to nice and since I walked into her life she couldnt make up her mind It was like she needed people to boss her around I was not bossy I gave her decisions to make on her own I was there for support and push her in the right direction ..what I didnt know was I was creating a whole nother person That I would not come to like anymore.. that comes later though for now I am going to bed my head hurts ttyl whoever reads my entries.   

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