Just A Note……

Don’t sleep, back hurts. The bed is “new” but it’s hot and it’s not very comfortable at the end of the night. Two more days and I have a week off. I don’t plan on telling anyone that I’m not working. I’ll be able to just be alone. I have to go to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving. Yuk. I already told her I won’t stay late. It’s just the morning and into the first part of the afternoon. I don’t want to go. It’s just 4 of us. Her husband, although he’s a nice guy…..and a “family friend” who is more my sisters friend than mine at this point, there just folks I don’t need to spend time with anymore. I don’t really have a relationship with my brotherinlaw and I have nothing to talk about with the “friend”. They teach and that’s about the extent of conversation somewhat and I can’t take my sisters energy that she throws around when talking about something…..It will be over soon. Then having the week after off means I don’t have to contend with the After Thanksgiving stupidity. The energy sucks. Just my opinion. Just something I don’t understand. I’m not a Holiday person, it’s a waste of money and I believe it’s nothing about what it should be. Anyway, off to work I go….Thanks

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