Monday November 20 2017

Well, it’s been an interesting night.  I arrived at the station a little earlier than expected and some twenty minutes later, I noticed Sarah had not been online in over three long hours after she put her head down for a siesta.  Simples I thought, I’ll just walk it.  Can’t be that far can it?  So off I trotted, in me flip flops and all as well.  Along the way, I noticed a gradual increase in the number of mosquitoes which briefly took my attention off the horrendous volumes of traffic that filtered past me on the main road.  You see, the Gold Coast has perhaps one of the worst public transport networks in Australia.  Buses never run on time which often means your train connections are missed which leaves you with consummate levels of time to either read a book or, like many of the bogan’s down here, scroll through social media.  No, they really are a stupid breed of people down here.  Best avoided at all costs unless your wish is to be sucked into a void of endless stupidity.

Some twenty five minutes into the walk, my phone rudely interrupted my music listening experience but that’s OK because it was the sleepy plonker who had finally risen from her slumber and was still in a bit of a sketchy state of sleep to realise she was now some 50 minutes late picking me up.  It was cute though.  I laughed all through Sarah’s apologetic call.  She does make me laugh this one. A lot I might add.

An hour and a half after I arrived, I was picked up by a lady on the side of the road.  Thankfully, it was Sarah who drove by on the dark and deserted streets of Nerang.  We had a good laugh about things and then popped into Coles to grab some dinner after which, we dropped a bucket and mop head off somewhere to finally land in the front door around 8:05 pm, a good 2 hours after I had arrived at Nerang station.  Result!

The banter continued once we made our way inside and Sarah somehow juggled phone calls and dilemmas with her little munchkins before we settled in for pizza, chips and a doco on Sarah Blasko.  It’s so nice just to be hanging out together.  The mattress remained in the lounge room so, as we had the night before, settled in on the makeshift bed and snuggled up.  Sarah wore this sublime white lace number which soon got my attention despite feeling ever so tired and still a little weather worn from the weekend. 

Our conversations are always so open and honest.  It just makes everything so much better this way and let me tell you now, we do cover a lot of territory during our conversations though sometimes we can just settle down in relative silence yet still feel at ease without feeling the need to keep talking.  I have seen more of Sarah’s cheeky side in recent days.  It’s like she’s beginning to really blossom in her own time and come out of her shell.  We have this ornate ability to take the proverbial out of each other with ease.  I love it.  Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously after all is it?

Like most nights, we stayed up late.  Kind of like two horny teenagers who are exploring life for the first time as young adults.  Who thought I would be doing this at the age of 40?  I love it and long may it continue……

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