Sunday November 19 2017

Following almost 48 hours of non-stop adventures with the kids, we found ourselves blissfully rolling into Sunday afternoon and an evening together.  I had previously informed Sarah that she would be under my command for the duration and the day and night, doing what I told her to do and taking what I gave her.  I enjoy taking control of Sarah.  It’s exciting.  She can be so naughty, sexy and submissive without even trying.  Sarah is shall we say, a very naughty natural at this gig. 

I’d spent the previous two days perving on Sarah at every opportunity.  I love watching her when she bends over or gets distracted doing other things.  Mmmmm, she truly is one very sexy young lady.  Needless to say we made love on and off for around seven hours this slightly wet and rainy evening.

What’s more, Sarah dressed up for me (AGAIN!) and we exchanged plentiful amounts of foreplay with love making and naught fucking thrown in for good measure.  At one point whilst outside, I took some cheeky photos and later sent them on to a Gary, this chap who is pretty cool and very keen to feel his aching hard cock pulse inside her.  I think he was however, a little disappointed her wasn’t able to fuck Sarah before he went away to the mines for a few weeks.  Oh well, all good things come to those who wait.

I’ve been on a mission you see.  Since we met almost three months ago (it feels longer), I’ve been trying to kiss each and every part of her body.  I think I am getting there but best I keep working at it just in case I may have missed any special areas in need of attention.  Massaging Sarah’s body is one of my many favourite pastimes as well.  Her skin is so soft and silky.  My whole body and mind is turned on beyond belief when I can cover her in baby oil and let my hands explore her flesh.

We had the sex toy collection spread out for use but I got a little too distracted to utilise all at my disposal.  The but plug was lots of fun.  We took our time warming up and gently eased it inside her ass.  Once prepared, I decided it was time my cock had some pleasure so, I gently released the plug and eased my hungry cock tightly into Sarah from behind.  My goodness it felt good!  I almost came three or four times.  I held back on each occasion.  Why you ask?  Because, had I blown, I would have been left with no choice but to pull out and lick my load out of Sarah.  That’s one slice of fun I am going to enjoy soon enough.  Not today though.

By late Sunday night, we were both worn out a little so we decided to fall asleep and allow our kinky afternoon and evening to pass by into history.  Both Sarah and I will be writing many pages in our history book with the passing of time.  I suspect it’s going to make for some extremely naught bedtime reading.

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