Tiny Steps are better than standing still

That is a famous quote from me I think well not really. I did just think of it but I am sure I was not the first to say it exactly that way. But it is true Unless you sprint for a long time you won’t catch up.

I wish I would have figured this out when I was younger I did just turn 29 but that seems kind of late to the game.

What game the game of life. I have a New way of looking at life it’s really weird but here it is. Everyone has an avatar they get to control you can make that character do whatever you want you can drink and overindulge blame the world and complain. …………………..

….You can choose to laugh when you push save and your computer messes up and deletes half of that long story you just wrote that was kind of strange were you referred to everyone as being and having an avatar. In saying its better off unsaid it’s late and I have to go to bed lol 

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