FRIENDS continued

Hey I’m back now to continue this long story .. so Katy had this problem with not saying no and always agreeing with things everyone knew she wasn’t comfortable with..I was there to help her out as a best friend ..she like I said was confused on who she was ..she met this older girl that was in my grade of course a real pain in most people’s asses but Katy saw something in this girl and quickly fell for her but keep in mind Katy was 14 at the time and this girl was at least 17 Katy is Hispanic so that means her parents are very strict ..they didn’t like that Katy was experimenting as you could say ..they hated it even went as far as putting a restraining order against her but they couldn’t keep them apart at school unless they transferred  at one point she did she was  moving away but she never did anyways they were in a relationship for so long so of course they had problems and me being the best friend I was in the middle of it all they had a downfall and it ended so that caused problems in the halls she eventually dated a boy in her grade finally but this boy was a  ticking time bomb he was I guess a lost puppy but that story is a novel and 3 sequels in itself one for another night aha anyways she seemed to like him unroll this girl she broke up with moved away and came back or really screwed with her emotions and she broke up with him and he took it pretty hard he of course ran to me for help I did help him though because that’s just who i am she however was just the same so I had to be everywhere to help them out it was very tiresome but I told myself hey they are my friends its worth it and her we went through everything together all of a sudden my last year in highschool she changed into a different person as I knew she woukd she was a little bit like me because of me she actually stood up for herself and made her own decisions her parents blamed me for her standing up to them  they hated me and forbid her to see me or talk to me so every time she knew her mom or dad were there she ignored me she didn’t even look at me I figured if this is what it is so I went along with it but it got worse she even decided to become friends with my enemies she said it was just to show her parents that she was listening to them but she ignored me all the time after that even when we’re together she was happy and smiley thats when i become detached ..she didn’t see it but I became more distant from her and her friends it broke me inside because she grew on me i cried one day after school when she completely blew me off confront of her mom I was just saying bye and she walled away she turned around and mouthed that she loves me and will talk to me at school tomorrow but that’s when i decided that I was no longer going to be there anymore for her …fuck her. I went to finish the rest of my schooling at a later time 4-7 to be exact but she always had cheerleading practice after school so she was always there when a bunch of us got our break but I showed her I moved on to different more reliable friends she tried talking to me but I ignored her like she ignored me so many times sure she got my message after I moved I completely got rid of her and our memories all my social media accounts she can’t see ..thats the end of our story ..gtg ttyl person who reads my entries 

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