Hey there!

I met the new nanny of my boyfriend’s nieces and nephew (I love those kids so much). She’s not actually new, they had her a few years ago but she left because of personal reasons. I like her already and she said I am warm to have around. She also said that his ex was nothing like that, and she didn’t even bother to interact with his family when he brought her there. She was actually happy to find out they didn’t work out and he proudly told her that we’ve been together for 2 years now. Time flies so fast, it felt like a century when we talked about each other’s past this day. Looking back, I’m glad I chose myself for I found someone who”ll never use me. So yeah, when shit happens don’t be sad over it because it will lead to much better things. REMEMBER THAT! 


PS I skipped days of writing here because I’ve been really busy. We had our oral defense yesterday and it was a success (just some minor revisions), and because of that I gave myself  a kylie lipkit (22) and a lipgloss (Damn Gina) today! I feel guilty for spending that much but it made me so happy. Plus, everyone could tell how giddily happy I am to finally have them. I might wear 22 on our date on Saturday (yes, I plan what shade I want to use on special occasions. HAHAHA).  I AM HAPPY SO MUCH SO I HAVE TO SHARE THIS, I GUESS. HEHE.


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