Struggle a little for infinite strength

You ready to tap out? 

Have you come to the end of your rope?

Or maybe you feel powerless over your mind to the point where you become sick to your stomach.

That’s the struggle that some face with everyday life. 


Where you are at is the gateway to tapping into your inner infinite strength. My walk on this journey is far from over. I’m constantly tapping into my soul for the strength I need to make it through each and everyday. 

Whether it is listening to music, going for a walk, reading or writing poter, eventually I literally can feel my mood change for the better. My confidence goes through the roof and I feel unstoppable. Now the only question I have left is, how can I wake up and keep this feeling alive at the beginning of my day? 


I struggle with a lot of my past as I press forward to make a better me for the future and I continue to pray for the focus and strength along with guidance to enjoy this journey we call life. 

We will see where this journey continues to take me. !!

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