Rained down 

Shook the ground

 Psychic percussions 

Astral shockwaves 

I sat in my chair 

Feeling myself 

Drift away from Earth

Hades trombones blew out meters 

Of an open up the ground and sky tune 

So I thought back then 


And mind shattering 

Into fragments 

For former EVP researcher self 

Was I for a time 

Then strafed and hit 

By audio dive bombing harpies 

Of Medusa’s wind 

Etheric telegraph lines 

Fused to my skull 

Relaying Morse Code in high pitch Inquisition

Then at night 

The deep voice

 Ground punchers were gone 

But from upstairs rooms and ceilings 

Dimensional stalkers 

Dropped lead weights

 And pineapple grenades 

Of audio fragmentation into my ears 

Here was my warm Spring season 

Being thrown into pits

 Of audio coliseums 

The sport for them was to fragment mind 

Of this human mortal 

The artillery was always there 


Loaded audio shell……voiced phosphorus……and salt peter 

Invisible nitrate flares choked my senses 

The sport for them was to fragment the mind 

I lie there…….thought bled 

In psychology nightmare 


Out in the afternoon Sun now 

Platforms of etheric sound speakers 

Blast me with sports arenas of voiced hecklers

 Like a football stadium roaring……blasting

 Into conscious mind 

An opening of chasms 

In subconscious self of me 

Targeted with audio thrashed blitz 

My dust of mind 

Lost to April rain 

The severing of myself from the dimension

 A fissure 

Through which There were confrontations 

Of voices…..fangs……and screaming night

 The situation is under self-reflection 

Analysis troubled by electronic evidence

 This is nothing that I expected at all 

One day they came through the white noise 

And stayed…….and stayed 

And troubled my days 

After two weeks 

Weary…….lack of appetite……lack of sleep 

Pharmacy prescription sleep inducement failing 

I began to have visions 

Of descending angels 

Formed from electric lights 

That so high……….pierced the ether

 It was around Sunset but without a Sun to set

 I heard running down the stairs

 And saw entities at midpoint 

A hazy gateway to astral descent

 In my room……from that moment 

The world became much less clear 

Than it previously ever was 


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