Time is ticking

 Its been 6 months maybe longer since I started this new venture. Most people have already jumped in I tried at first but my calm headed beautiful girlfriend told me over and over to slow my roll get my ducks in order. she didn’t actually say get my ducks in order I don’t think anyone under 62 says that … but in so many words.

Well now I have and I really want to get this Business off the ground but I am lost. I really need to find a niche and get going. I am now a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Not sure what it is yet but I am sure it will show its pretty little haid soon. I really wanted to be selling during Q4. But there is always a next year. Until then I will keep working hard every night when I get home from working hard every day. Its really not that bad when you have a goal work doesn’t seem like work it seem like a journey. … 

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