A whole new world 🎶

The Domino Effect says that there are certain situations in which one event causes a series of similar events to happen one after another.

Likewise, a memory.

It’s hilariously ridiculous to think that one single thing, or situation can trigger a rapid flow of flashbacks. Flashbacks that seemed to be unconsciously “readily” available whenever a certain situation calls for it. Say, an old song from the past can recapture all those stupid things and feelings that you had before. and no matter how hard you try to diminish those foolish thoughts, you can’t just pull them away from your brains.

It happens. An old song to an old memory and your thoughts would travel on how you first had that feeling – the butterflies and all; the pain and the unavoidable fall. Worst of all, the addition of this melancholic pouring of the rain like its pushing you towards the despondent state of your whole being.

But in the end, all you can do is reminisce, or re-imagine, or re-feel the moment. coz none of it will ever happen again. no matter how much you wanted them.

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