Dear Customer,

Dear Costumer,

Hi, hows a going? Good, I’m doing good, thank you for asking!…

Is how you are supposed to treat a human being, with feelings and feet, that move away from behind this counter and live a normal life. Believe it or not, behind this counter you are talking to a human being, it’s not a robot selling you these movie tickets, it’s a person and it’s me. Please respect me.

Hello, howsa going? I ask. Two tickets to THOR , large popcorn. They say.

First, the movie theater where I work sells tickets and food separately, second I’ve already lost my smile that I generously offer to each disinterested customer. I get it, I’m working, and they are paying for a service, but in no way does that dehumanize me.

The holidays are honestly the worst for working. Costumers come in after a long days of work, so they can buy their son Jimmy the expensive toy that he is just going to abandon like all of his other toys, and where ever they go after work has to suffer. No, I’m not talking about their own households, but sadly that is also true, I’m talking about the innocent grocery store cashiers, waiters, bankers, maybe even movie ticket sellers. In the months where adults worry about money, to satisfy the holidays financial needs, they can often view me as evil. I am someone who takes your money! It is YOUR CHOICE to spend money but, you still hand over your card reluctantly and then gawk at the high prices.Why are you viewing me as the bad guy? 

Mam, I am sorry for your frustration, but your 7 and 8 year old cannot get into the movie for free,*COUGH they are about 5-6 years too old for that  COUGH*  but fortunately we have children priced tickets that are about 3 dollars cheaper. 

That was a conversation I had with SOMEBODY’S GRANDMA, yeah that same sweet grandma who offered to take the kiddos out for a movie, is also shaking and yelling at me. Nice people everyday fall victim to holiday stress and instead of keeping their chill they cold heartedly shove icy remarks to me. I believe these are good people and that they would feel embarrassed if they watched their interactions with me on a TV screen. They’ve just forgotten that I’m human, somebodies daughter and somebodies granddaughter.

No please don’t be too personal with me either, just simply say hi back, add a few more words to your sentences and remember that I am a person and I have feelings.


Just Doing My Job



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