My thanksgiving gift

Father… come quickly… gift me forgiveness? I’m so sorry. Once more you have reminded me of your sovereignty. You alone… that is the answer to every question. I trusted human beings instead of u. U alone… not one human.. blew life into existence with one breath. U alone tell the ocean where to stop and how tall the mountains are to stand. U alone paint the butterflies wings and strengthen every flower enough to stand straight up in its time. For a brief moment in time I forgot who controls and cares. Forgive my humanity? Bring faith and comfort in this my darkest hours. There is no-one to hold my hand but u. Your word tells me that you want to guide my footsteps and you want me to cast my cares on you. I have tried to carry the load of this life by myself and it has weighted me so much so that I have fallen to the earth in pain. Take it now and replace it with your spirit of rest. Allow me to know your presence above all else. Keep me focused on your voice and be obedient in all things. Forgive me? I let go of it and give it to you. 

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