so what’s next?

           Now a days I have not been using this journal to put my daily adventures. I am actually fond of keeping a record of my daily happenings but I don’t know why I don’t find interest in doing that now. I just keep on typing on the keys not knowing what to say actually. I am just filled with so much depression. I know it is not good in one’s health but what can I do? I really can not keep myself focused when I am finally alone in my own world. I am missing someone…someone I know very well. Where is she now? Why can’t I find her anywhere? Is she gone? Is she asleep? Or has she finally met her limits. I miss seeing her smiles. I miss her jolliness. I miss her positive views. But I guess she is not coming back anymore.  Anyway, she left me with something. A very nice souvenir. Something I can wear anytime with anyone. But too bad it is a detachable one cause what’s permanent is what’s under it. :'(

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