Thanksgiving 2017

2:12 PM writing journals at the Starbucks next to my place. Funny to say it as my place cause it is not and I will be moving pretty soon. Anyways, almost done with writing and about to move on to next task before I head out to Chloe’s place for thanksgiving dinner. So thankful to have these people around me especially when I have no family to spend thanksgiving with here in the states. Got here around 1:15 PM since I woke up around 12 PM today after watching 2 movies last night. Woke up with a sore throat by some reason. It’s not that bad but just annoying. Just couple things to do today.

– writing journals
– post a roommate ad
– thanksgiving greeting

Just need to post a roommate ad now. After that, shopping for some food/drinks to bring to Chloe’s then head over there for the dinner. Just want to mention that it is 93 degrees here in Los Angeles in November. Well, can’t complain 🙂

Happy thanksgiving!!

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