I cant think of a single person who has hurt me n i have not forgiven them. i might forgive someone late but i do always. i dont hold grudges and wish every one well at the end of the day.

every one has got flaws. im flawed, everyone is. no body is an angel. in a sense that no body is perfect. So, when u love someone, you over look the flaws,see past them if not love their flaws and scars. esp. when you love some one so hard, you do. things happen,right. but you forget and make things go back to how they were. cuz these are inevitable if you love someone,it will be there.

sometimes,it feels like there will be no end result of it all but you are so helpless and also its unpredictable. so, you pray when you talk to God, you ask for it.

it feels like,idk…somethings someone says to u in anger and it feels like you were shot with an arrow n it was shot in ur heart n it gets out from the other side taring ur heart in two pieces. but you let go cuz what you have without anger is precious n you don’t wanna lose it. os, u over look. also,hope so bad for the things to go back to normal.


my friend came to uni to pick something up from me,she came, i dropped the package n she goes like sorry,i go like its ok. she says sth unintelligible,i turn n ask what? she goes like nothing. people behind her are honking at her to move but God know what she is upto in the middle of the road n is looking at me,what an idiot. i wave with my hand n ask whats up? just go! then i turn n don’t look back n come back inside my uni. idk if she cares about me anymore, haven’t talked to her in long. didn’t know she was coming to get the pkg. Her friend told me that she will come to pick it up. i don’t miss her anymore as well. 

there was a time when her wall was covered with my pictures. now theres not even a single one. hahaha,how time changes. I once asked her what she did of my pics n she said, “burned them”, haha. ok,it hurt but i just smile n d didnt show that it hurt. My heart’s string are always attached with hers,miss her or not. but i will literally threaten her bf if he tried to hurt her. last time i went out with them, he was talking about other girls in front of her. could see he was playing with her feelings n while he was doing that,she was driving. i told her on his face to leave him. but yeah, love is blind. she put his pics on whatsapp n snap chat stories. hope he is keeping her happy. 

I had a friend, actually a friends friend as he was her neighbor in 2013, he was 10? i guess,really shy n the one who is in books n his world all the time.I was friend with all the kids, all aged from 4-15 ,hahah. well, his hometown is the city next to ours and it snows there. is snowing these days too,so our air is also so chilly now cuz of it. ok, i had not seen snow in 2013 n i was like Oh nooo, i have to see it. so he said that the next time he will go back to his hometown, he will bring the snow for me haha, then he was like but it might melt so  it will try to keep it in the cooler. once we stopped talking, it was ALLL my mistake but i stopped talking to him. his mom was a really good friend like sister. i once called him n me n my friend, we were taking our pics n he near so i thot lets take his too. I snapped one of his too n he goes like running n i go after him n snap 2,3 more to tease him. i didnt know he was camera shy. but then the next time i visited my friend,she told me the he told her mom, i was like haha what. she definitely dint say anything to me, instead she told him that im elder n all that. but i was like she should have talked to me. God, these kids. so, i stopped talking to him n he was also cool with it. definitely, i never bothered kids much but they were my friends so we all used to talk in group. but he then after sometime sometime started talking to me,i rolled with it cuz he was just a kid but he was really cool after that and we used to talk about the diary of the whimpy kid,he even lent me his books. 

Dont know why i told this long story, guess i miss the kids, all the kids. they were 8,9 kids. all must have grown so much.

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