My Opinion on “Extremely Quick Weight Loss Diets”

Good Afternoon!

Another glorious day to be alive.  I felt like write venting but when I came here noticed a journal entry from someone using a water fasting diet?  I got side tracked and forgot what I came to vent about lol….

Ok so in 40 days she lost 82 pounds.  However it seems she gained a lot of weight back and is restarting this water fasting diet again.  By the multiple face shot photos she posted she looks to be an older female?  Age plays a big part on diets, metabolism slows down as you get older.  There were no body shot pictures so I could not tell 82 pounds were lost by just her face, sorry hehe. 

I have so much to say about this.  About the method she’s using!

First and foremost, have you heard people say if you lose weight too quickly you’ll gain it all back?  Know why?  Because you don’t teach yourself how to eat so after you got off your “diet” you gain everything back, if not a little more from the uncontrollable binging bound to happen from all that starving.  Extreme quick weight loss NEVER works because it involves extreme food depreviation (leading to a growing binge) and you don’t learn to change your eating habits nor do you learn what foods you can and should eat.  She must feel like hell while on her diet.  Poor thing.


What she did:

40 days = 1 month + 1 week + 3 days = lost 82 pounds

Average = 2.05 pounds per day = 14.4 pounds per week = 61.5 pounds per month

—> Doesn’t that look and sound unhealthy broken down by averages?  About 1 year later she’s gained 50 pounds and goes back on the same diet again.  She looks for strength in religion, and turns toward God to help her stay on this “40 Day Water Fasting Diet”.


Here’s what I did:

210 days = 7 months = 40 pounds lost

Average = .0.19 pounds per day = 1.33 pounds per week = 5.7 pounds lost in 1 month

I started at 181.6 pounds and went down to 141.1 pounds in 7 months.

—>  I’m still losing weight and I’ve changed my eating habits, changed my Market shopping list.  I walk everyday a minimum of 30 minutes everyday, and only do sometimes my 1 low impact exercise routine I found on youTube, on my bed lol.

—> It’s really important to add that on my own healthy diet I still had moments of uncontrollable binges of hunger.  If I had to binge?  I pigged out on fruits, soybeans, corn, natural almonds, greek yogurt or granola.  Did you notice healthy foods make you shit???  Yeah it helps with digestion.   Bad foods just sit and go nowhere so, that’s why I don’t allow myself to binge on anything “bad”.  And you know, because exercising takes so much effort, time and tons of sweat, that thought deters me from eating “bad” food knowing how much I have to exercise to work it off.

—> The best way weight loss results in my opinion is:

1 – Is to reduce your food intake/dieting because when you lose weight it’s an all over body thing. 

2 – Do specific exercises for the problem area + don’t forget to do a full body cardio such as walking.

3 – Eat healthy.

This is my secret formula to my success.  Currently I’m doing low impact abdominal exercises (my problem area), plus walking (full body cardio), and dieting (reduce food intake but develop healthy eating habits ie. NEVER skip breakfast!).  Losing weight takes YEARS off your physical appearance besides genes.  People think I’m 20 years younger than I really am.  Plus I dye my hair dark every month and keep up with haircut trims is important.

Anyways if I can keep doing what I’m doing I would say in 2018 I will make my final goal of 130 pounds…… or even 135 pounds would make me happy and doing the math that’s only 6-10 pounds away!!

How tall am I?  5’6-1/4″

I believe in myself.  I have faith in God, he inspires me but it’s me that takes responsibility for everything I do, and everything that happens to me.  Including the weight that I lose from my self modified, researched diet that seems to be working beautifully.  =)

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