ahh,the crazy shit-A, pain in the you know what week is over!! Finally! other weeks like this may come again but this one is over, i couldn’t be happier.

so many things happened. some funny too.

i was sitting outside the cafeteria waiting for my dad to pick us up with my sister. 2 girls came n sat on the bench in front of us. one of them goes like, “are u two sisters?” i said yes knowing what was next haha,”are u two twins? ” we are getting this question asked since childhood. i told them no,also told them i am the elder one cuz people think im the youngest LOLOLOL and they thot we were in 1st semester.hahahah

aannnnndd i had a paper that went well thanking the Almighty, made really huge blunder in mids in this paper, tho i had studied but jut missed the two things that came in exam.

I got 

Can i shout? like really loud and at the top of my lungs! i just already did shout 5 minutes ago. God,help me!! was so mad!! just…leaving it

i ate soooo much today,so much. peanuts, so much peanuts. ate them mindlessly. i should stop. i have been having headache a lot lately. still i have it little but rn its maybe cuz of the explosion i had 5 minutes ago. im consuming too much tea too. i just realized that i like chicken corn soup better than hot and sour.

sometimes,it feels like nothing is going right,right like now. i feel a strange kind of bad even if im the victim. i hate this feeling. a side effect of caring too much about people. i feel sharp pain in my right ear sometimes. got it checked so many times and the doctor says that its totally fine. it started when i was in 7th grade and got hit,couldnt feel my cheek for straight half an hour. whenever i feel pain in my ear,the incident is recalled in my mind.  with the memory,comes back my anger too. i dont like getting hit,i dont like it or you can say that i hate it.

too much for today.

bye. stay blessed y’all, habe fun weekend unlike me. 🙂

aannnd i miss you like crazy! <3


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