It’s quite late at this point, but Happy (American) Thanksgiving, everyone.

The REALLY funny thing that happened a few days ago was that my mom suddenly asked me to ask my friend JW if he wanted to come over to our apartment for Thanksgiving dinner. He kind of freaked out about it for whatever reason, and it was really funny, since all he had to do was say no and it really wasn’t such a big deal! But anyway.

We had a Thanksgiving lunch instead because my mom somehow got the idea to roast the turkey really early. Lol.

A little before six we went to Target. The line of people was actually quite long–all the way way back behind the store. It wasn’t uncomfortably crowded though, except in the place that sold electronic stuff like phones, TV’s, and games. That part was mad crowded since everything was selling really cheap. There were college bros there to buy half-price PS4 and XBOX games. Lmao. Not judging though, since I would have bought a DS if I’d been willing to part with like $120. Which didn’t happen because I was still disappointed that I couldn’t buy a new phone even though they were all on sale, because they had locked carriers and all that.

My mom bought me a luggage set for college next year, as well as boots for me and my sister. The boots are p cool and pointy. If I want I can just kick people in the nuts now >:3 Joking, I wouldn’t do that to anyone but an attacker >:-DDD

I’m grateful for a lot of things this year. My amazing awesome wonderful friends who constantly motivate me and give me so much love that I really don’t deserve–they’re the best. My family, even though it’s not perfect right now and it won’t ever be, I know my family still loves me, and I love them. My helpful and kind and caring teachers who are always so willing to just listen and help; I appreciate them so much. I’ve been discovering a lot of music lately that is amazing and beautiful and makes me feel good things. I’m also grateful for the fact that I’ve also been creating or just having fun trying to create art. And of course I’m grateful for this site too, which is where some pretty cool people are just so we can all digitally hoard our own memories 😀

Now, time to get ready for CHRISTMAS !!!!! Heck yeah. I already know what I’m getting one friend for Christmas: dark chocolate, because she doesn’t like any other kind. She thinks any kind of chocolate below 72% is fake chocolate. I know–WILD. She also hates milk and eats cereal dry, which is why I almost bought her two boxes of cereal for her birthday earlier this month until I realized I didn’t know which type of cereal she eats dry and just bought her some 86% dark chocolate instead, which she really enjoyed. She also HATES LEMONADE, which is blasphemy…. But I love her and I’m so glad we had the chance to meet and become friends this year (another thing I’m grateful for). I also wanna buy some nice stuff for JS whom I love and who I will dearly dearly miss once we both leave to completely different parts of the United States (and maybe even North America, since she might go to Canada for art school). Simple gifts would be chocolate for N; not really sure what kind of stuff D likes. I would get something for JW, but he doesn’t like getting gifts because he thinks it’s awkward.

I know I’m really moody, but I’m really trying to be better and be more positive and not let myself be so mean and bitter all the time. I’m really trying! Someday I’ll be so much happier than I am now.

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  1. Hey, SO happy to read this entry from you! Here in the UK we don’t have thanksgiving but I wish we did! It’s good to remember what you’re thankful for…you realise things are no where near as bad as you think they are a lot of the time! Also good you’re looking forward to Christmas 🙂 I already have bought my sons’ presents, I’m trying to be super organised! You’ll get there with the happiness, I have no doubt. I think there’s this saying “Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey,” you’re on the journey no worries 😀

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