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Ahh hello readers i’m gonna make this one a PSA because why not i got a comment and i felt like i should responded here because WHYYYY NOT

I know people are trying to help and i absolutely LOVEEEE when people comment on my stuff it reminds me that i’m not just writing my heart out for nothing it reminds me people are out there still but let me just sayyy if i could love myself i would and if i could get people to love me oh baby, trust me I WOULD but here i am picking apart my every move and picture i take the thing is i’m not sure what it’s even like to love myself i wish i could even imagine that feeling but it seems so like distant in my brain and trying to love something isn’t real love thats just. . it feels wrong trying to force myself to love myself if that makes sense it feels like loving yourself should just be a normal thing to do

Now the comment on this particular post  I got some questionsss ooo FUNNNNN uhm okay let me not be silly answering these i’m gonna be a respectable writing figure Lmao like my first post haha i was so uptight i was scared people were going to reflect my deep writing against my age but okay i’m gonna answer
 How long? Since like 7th grade which was like this year haha but if i were to narrow it down about uhm the beginning of 2017 idk i can’t help it. . I’m trashhh
I wish i could stop worrying about everything  but i feel so hated all of the time and i can feel people hating me for something idk maybe i’m just. . weird

And idk this nonsense makes sense in my head but then again my chemicals are Fucked up 
And yeah i guess i am doing the best i can but even my best can always be improved which shows its truly not good enough yah know 
Lastlyyyyyyyy I will definitely look into that Christmas stuff you were talking about seems fun and probably not unicorn magical but i bet its fueled with the shit that makes Santa’s sleigh fly 
Sincerely, Randy
(Ps. We’ll get into the whole bulimic thing later just for another time)

2 thoughts on “Bulimic?”

  1. Hey There!

    Thanks for the public service announcement but….. Question. How long you been putting yourself down like this? I think you should give yourself a break. Screw what other people think, it’s none of your business. So don’t worry your pretty little head about what others think ok? I also wish for you to stop feeding yourself all that nonsense about how you suck etc blah yada yada. Enough. You’re not! Why? Because!

    I think you are doing the best that you can! You’re 13. And it is sufficient and it is enough! It seems to me the people in your life are the ones that suck, because they don’t give you enough love and support.

    I love you Randy, listen to some instrumental Christmas music I swear it is calming and magical.

    Sincerely, me

  2. Woooww, mate I’m in 7th grade and I can relate to this on so many levels, my best friend can relate to this, he’s constantly putting himself down and not believing that anyone likes him. (And he has a girlfriend and me and a whole bunch of other friends like what)
    Just gonna say this: Omg stahp. I am sure (no positive) that you are perfect just the way you are, and start believing that now while you’re young. Think about it, you don’t have naything to worry about right now, and there are lots of people that like probably think you’re great. Don’t be like me, don’t make yourself your own worst enemy and start liking yourself for who you are because I’m sure you’re awesome. Have a wonderful dayyy 😀

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