Soft White Crane Qigong

Day One – Arrival

I arrived at Kripalu nestled in the beautiful Berkshires in western Massachusetts late this afternoon. I will be here through Friday studying and practicing a form of Qigong called Soft White Crane Qigong – What follows will be an informal compilation of my notes and thoughts as I move through this training.

Session 1 (all sessions led by John Platt) 

Defining qigong – QI is ‘internal energy’ – all living (and some inanimate!) beings have qi within – GONG – means work – So — working the energy/energy work – This system of Qigong has a long reputation in China for building robust health and longevity. It is believed that just as water must continue to move/flow to stay clean/viable, so must we – we sit too much in the West!! We must constantly move – 

The movement of qigong is slow, long, and always curved (no right angles!!) We begin with breathing – low and very slow. Interesting initial exercise in partners – one partner holds his/her/their hands apart as if holding a soccer sized ball – the other moves his/her/their hand slowly from above the other partner’s hands and then through the ‘ball’ – both partners have eyes closed – are you aware of when your partner’s hand has passed through the ball? Are you aware of when you are passing through your partner’s hands? 

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