[127] ~*Sun – 11/26/17*~

[10:32 pm]

I had a hard time this morning. I felt tired and not too well and then I cried my whole way to work and some more in the parking lot while I was waiting for the other worker to arrive. I dreamt of my brother during the night so I was thinking of him this morning which made me cry. All I wanted to do was go back home and go back to bed. I was hoping the manager was going to be in today so I would of went back home but no such luck. Another supervisor was coming in at noon but by then I was alright so I stayed at work which was hell-ish as always. It’s only gonna get worse from now to Xmas. I didn’t get the chance to clean much and the store was still a mess when we left. It’s annoying! I really hate leaving the store in a mess but there’s nothing more I can do. I also work at the store tomorrow night which I thought she was done scheduling me on Mondays. Bleh!

After work I came home, talked to mom and to my friend, watched a few episodes and took a nice relaxing bath. Now I’m watching another episode and writing. I thought I was gonna be behind on shows since I went away for a few days but since it was Thanksgiving, most shows were cancelled this week so it all worked out good.

So yea, last night the in-laws and one of our niece slept over. The in-laws were supposed to come with the truck so they could bring their darn doors but of course they didn’t do it. Bleh! I’m not moving those doors, they’re gonna stay outside in the snow all winter if they don’t come get them. I really should of just put them in the dump.

It’s hub’s Bday today but we didn’t do anything as I was working and he also was working this evening. He was suposed to go eat with his parents but I guess he slept instead.

Anyways, back to The Good Doctor before I head to bed.




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