After Thanksgiving

Everyone is shopping.  I looked at google maps for traffic and the areas around major shopping centers are red.  It’s the first weekend after Thanksgiving after all.  Lucky for me I pretty much have no family or anyone to really buy gifts for.

Yeah it’s lonely.

But it’s my life.  I’m in my early 50’s and trying to stay calm, happy and healthy.  I have increasing global concerns, as well as concerns about my country.  I so love America!  I feel blessed to have lived this far, free and independent to live my life.

I love my boyfriend and I want to work out our issues together.  Been there, done that, we’re too old to act like we’re in high school.  The last part of my challenges in my life is my love relationship.  It’s been a rough road. 

#metoo  …  I was sexually abused by my Uncle when I was about 9-10 yrs old, and sworn to secrecy and shame.  I never told my family, never told my parents.  They are both deceased from age.  Every time I try to think back and remember it’s blanked out.  I remember very little and always wondered if hypnosis would help?

I won’t be doing any Holiday shopping.  But I’m going to put christmas lights around my house to feel some magic =)   Pandora music I put on a station for Instrumental Christmas songs.  This makes everything ok!


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