Day 1 Entry

Buying something with my own money

At end of 2016, I bought my very first pair of beats headphones. It was the day after Christmas and I was preparing to move to Tennessee with my mom. She had already moved to Tennessee to get things set up for me for when I came down. I spent Christmas with her in Michigan. I still had birthday money I saved up and my mom gave me some money for christmas. On the day after christmas, I went to Best Buy to get some beats headphones. When I got to Best Buy, I was shocked that there were still beats on the shelves and I was also shocked at the prices. They were so low! So I actually got two pairs of beats. One for me and One for my mom. I gave her a pair because I felt bad for not getting her anything for christmas. When we got to the register, She asked me “Why do you have two pairs of Beats Jay?” I made up an excuse and I told her that ” I like to switch headphones everyday.” She just laughed. When we got into the car. I told her that one pair was for her. I waited until we got to the car because knowing my mom she would have made me take them back. She was so shocked. I know that she loves working out and she doesn’t have any motivations to workout so I thought by buying the headphones that would give her a little motivation.

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