Day 2 Entry (The hardest thing I have ever done)

The hardest thing I have ever done was trying to get over the death of my great grandmother. It was a few months before she had passed away, it was a normal morning I was up getting ready for school and my great grandmother’s daughter (my grandma) was getting ready for work. All of a sudden I hear a loud crash and it was my great grandmother. She had collapsed. I cam running down the stairs to see what had happened. I knew it was my great grandmother because I heard my grandmother yell out “MOM”. My aunt, who was asleep at the time came running down also. When I got downstairs, all I saw was my great grandmother on the floor. I instantly started crying because at that moment I thought she was gone. My grandmother and my aunt tried to lift her up and they walked her to her room until the Ambulance came and her eyes rolled to the back of her head and started dragging her feet. Later that day, My family and I were told that she had a stroke and that she couldn’t walk. My family started to cry. Then a few months later she had died of natural causes. It was so hard for me to get over her death because she was my rock. She was the only person that I could talk to that wouldn’t get upset with me. I loved going to her house watching soap operas with her and talking to her about them. I miss her dearly.

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